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Chimps Use Spears To Hunt

[caption id="attachment_1116" align="alignnone" width="640"]Chimps Use Spears To Hunt Chimps Use Spears To Hunt[/caption]

A troop of chimpanzees in southeastern Senegal are proving to be a continued source of surprise and amazement for primatologists. Not only do members forge weapons to hunt, making them the only known group to use tools to injure or kill prey, but it turns out that females actually engage in this behavior more than males. This could mean that, unexpectedly, female chimps pioneered tool use for hunting, and that the first weapon-yielding early humans could have also been females. The research has been published inRoyal Society Open Science.

Back in 2007, whilst observing a group of savanna chimps in Fongoli, Senegal, Iowa State University anthropologist Jill Pruetz spotted something that had never before been observed: individuals were making sharp spears and using them to hunt vertebrate prey. But that wasn’t the only thing that stood out, as Preutz also noticed that more females were engaging in this behavior than males. At the time, she and her research team did not have enough data to be able to assert that it was indeed more common in females, so they continued to follow the animals for the next seven years.

During this time, the scientists observed troop members snapping off branches, removing the leaves and even using their teeth to trim and sharpen the ends. On average, these tools were around 75 centimeters (30 inches) in length. Weapon in hand, the chimps would then creep up on sleeping bush babies and stab them, either mortally or wounding them enough to make them easy to snatch and kill with hands and teeth.

Throughout the duration of the study, the team observed more than 300 tool-assisted hunts, 175 of which were performed by females. Given the fact that hunting groups were male dominated, with females usually only making up 40% of the members, males were significantly less likely to hunt than females, carrying out only 39% of the hunts. This was surprising since male chimpanzees hunt more than females in general, and within this group they also accounted for the vast majority of all captures.

So why is this behavior more common in females than males? The researchers speculate that it could be because males tend to be more opportunistic, for example grabbing escaped prey that another group member had failed to kill. Given that females are smaller and weaker than males, chasing after prey may also be a pretty inefficient way to hunt, especially since females are often carrying babies and thus not as agile. The researchers also pointed out to Discovery News that females also tend to be more innovative than males, leading them to believe that the first tool-wielding primates were likely females.

The fact that no other chimp groups are known to engage in this behavior is also extremely interesting. The researchers propose this may have something to do with the limited supply of vertebrate prey in the area, which could have encouraged them to become more inventive in order to meet their nutritional needs.

[Via Royal Society Open Science, Iowa State University, New Scientist and Discovery News]

14 Ridiculously Beautiful Places to Visit in Scotland if You Ever Get There

Scotland holds so much beauty and mystery. These 14 underrated locations completely contribute to that. They'll make you want to jump on the next flight and marvel at the historic wonders.

1. Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain on the British Isles and is a popular destination for climbers.

2. The Northern Lights


This isn't a UFO landing, it's actually the view of the Northern Lights from the Scottish mainland. You can also catch spectacular views in Shetland and Oakley.

3. Mealt Falls

This terrifying, 60-meter-tall waterfall can be found on The Isle of Skye.

4. Glencoe

Glencoe was created by an ancient supervolcano during the Silurian period. Glaciers created it's shape during the last ice age.

5. Logan Botanic Garden


This beautiful garden can be found on the southernmost tip of Scotland in Dumfries & Galloway. It's warmed by the gulf stream and house hundreds of different plants.

6. Puck's Glen

This may look like the Amazon Rainforest but it's actually a glen in west Scotland with gorgeous greenery and wooden bridges to explore.

7. Dunrobin Castle

The castle and grounds were remodeled in the early 1800's by Sir Charles Barry. The castle is located in the Earl of Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands.


8. Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center


The SECC hosts a variety of Commonwealth Games events and is sometimes confused for the Sydney Opera House.

9. Culzean Castle


This is a fortress in South Ayrshire that was used as a castle for the 1973 film Wicker Man.

10. Dunnottar Castle


Dunnottar Castle is a medieval fortress near Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire.

11. Leith Shore


The town of Leith merged with Edinburgh in 1920. Now the area is called Edinburgh's Port.

12. Prisoner's Chapel


This is actually called the Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm, a small island on Orkney. It was built by Italian prisoners of war during World War II.

13. Luskentyre Peninsula


The Luskentyre Peninsula is found on the west coast of South Harris. It has crystal clear waters and seriously incredible white sand beaches.

14. Ramsay Gardens

This might look like a castle, but it's actually a set of private apartment buildings. A poet and wigmaker named Allan Ramsay built them in 1733.


H/T: BuzzFeed

Cute Couple Takes Underwater Engagement Photos

In order to to have the most amazing engagement photos, you need to be willing to go into deep depths to get the the perfect engagement shots. Literally!

After the couple Adam and Shawn-Marie Ravazzano of Love and Water Photography moved to Maui they wanted to create amazing photos that would really blow people's minds.

Take a look below to see these unbelievable underwater engagement photos.












Things Women Should Always Have in Their Handbags

#1 Looking Pretty at Every Occasion


Even if you are not a big fan of make-up, there should always be a place in your handbag reserved for proper lipstick. Of course for most of the women this is not nearly enough. Some powder, eye liner and mascara and we are ready to go.

#2 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A proper pocket mirror can do as amazing things as the magic one from the tale Snow-white. Not only we need it to correct the lipstick, it is also an amazing accessory if we are a bit naughty and wants to spy on cute boy sitting behind us on the bus ;)

#3 Always Prepared for a Sweet Kiss


Kiss or no kiss, breath fresheners of any kind are always a must! Just imagine realizing you have a morning breath minutes before you have an important business meeting. Awkward isn’t it? Not if you have a pack of mints in your bag.

#4 Here’s My Number So Call Me Maybe

In the times of modernization, it is extremely important to be able to communicate at all times. That’s why a cell phone is another must. It can also be a great fashion accessory

#5 Keep Out Either the Sun or the Heat

In summer we shouldn't forget a sexy pair of sunglasses that keep out the sun and protect our eyes and in winter a pair of cute, colorful gloves is important to protect a delicate skin

#6 Do You Smell the Roses?

Not necessarily every woman likes the sweet smell of the roses; however, most women use perfumes, which imitate that scent. There should always be a place inside a bag reserved for a perfume of your taste.


#7 Not Only When Hungover


Headaches often begin without a particular reason. Painkillers in our bag won’t only be useful for headaches, but will help us with various pains when we will need to be fit for everyday responsibilities. Just don’t overdo it, sometimes all we really need is a proper rest.

#8 Pen is Mightier Than Sword

Yes, it is true that we can nowadays save almost every piece of data in our mobile phones. However, just imagine how cute would it be if you would leave your number to a handsome waiter in your favorite coffee shop. Pen and notebook should find their place in your bag.

#9 Hold my Hand Baby


Hand crème of course, how can we forget about it. They not only leave your skin amazingly soft and ready for some hand shaking, but also smell nice. They are especially vital in the winter, when cold can leave our hands rough.

#10 Don’t Forget About the Most Basic Stuff


In the everyday rush we sometimes forget about staying well feed and hydrated. Little free time is no excuse for not drinking enough water or not eating anything all day. There is always a room in a hand bag for a bottle of water and some snacks.


How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

#1 Eye Contact

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Rumor always is if you cannot make eye contact with somebody while talking to them, you feel too bad saying it to their face. If you notice somebody focusing on something else or a different object nearby, chances are that person is lying about what he is telling you.

#2 Distraction Levels



When somebody is either standing or sitting in front of you and you suspect that he/she is lying, pay attention to the way in which they are speaking to you. When somebody is too focused or appears to be interested in something else, the chances that they are saying lies to just end the conversation with you is extremely high. Pay attention to their body language and how they are listening/talking to you.


#3 Body Language

Pay attention to the person you are speaking to. If that person displays a negative body language, the likelihood of that person putting all of their meaning and effort into the conversation is highly unlikely, and that person would have no issue in ending the sentence or conversation through lying, or saying what the person wants to say. Having a negative posture while discussing is a great indicator that


#4 Level of Cooperation

According to a professional psychologist named Bella M. Depaulo, “Liars are noticeably less cooperative than truth-tellers.” If somebody seems to have to have zero interest or ‘pleasantness’, chances are they will be more likely to lie. People who make negative statements towards whatever that topic is are more likely to lie their way to finishing a project or getting out of a situation.

#5 The Way He or She Talks


Do you ever notice when the person’s voice level changes, whether it be volume or pitch? When this happens, psychologists believe it could be a result in lying, which affects the nervous system, thereby raising and lowering the pitch in which that person is talking.


#6 Size of The Person’s Pupils


The size of the person’s pupils can be correlated with lying due to the nervous system, just like pitch and volume of speech is. Look into the person’s eyes to see if their pupils have excessively dilated; it is an extremely common phenomena amongst liars.



#7 Ask the Question Again


If you think somebody is lying to you, ask the question again. Chances are if they were lying, the person will make a mistake and tell you something different than the first time. This can be tested by simply saying, “I’m sorry, but what did you tell me a few minutes earlier, I forgot?” A simple question like this is not rude to ask, and can be used to determine if somebody lied to you earlier.

#8 Constant Fidgeting


Moving around in a seat, tapping your pencil, or tapping your fingers; these are all examples of fidgeting that normal people occasionally do periodically. Whether it be nerve, excitement, or anything else which results in the rapid movement of legs or arms or fingers, fidgeting is also correlated with lying. If a person is lying, he or she may be moving or tapping unnecessarily while they are lying.


27 Dogs That Will Do Anything For Kids

1. This patient pup that will play doctor to amuse this little girl.


2. These heroes that will save the world with Superman at their side.


3. This dog that will serve as a canvas for this up-and-coming artist.


4. This dog that will embrace the cone of shame to have secret meetings with the tiny human.


5. This partner in crime that will take the blame for making a total mess.


6. This dog that will pray beside his master before going to bed.

Source: melgravel

7. This security guard that will babysit while the parents go out to dance.

Source: newu1085

8. This lovable pup that will give Eskimo kisses on command.


9. This dog that will be a personal sofa when Dora the Explorer is on TV


10. This criminal that will go to jail for fighting the cat.


11. This Chihuahua that will happily go to show-and-tell for a class project.


12. This best friend that will help construct the toughest of toys.


13. This dog that will be the pony every kid has always wanted.


14. This dog that will spy on the neighbors to catch a glimpse of the girl next door.


15. This cool dog that will be a support system on road trips.


16. This German shepherd that will be the best kind of pillow to nap on.


17. This dog that will be a crib companion any time of day.


18. This tired guy that will transform into a bed when it’s time to go to sleep.


19. This golden that will groom hair when kids can’t.


20. This dog that will help execute an escape plan.


21. This dog that will accompany his fairy princess on backyard adventures.


22. This fluffy pup that will converse in even the smallest of spaces.


23. This dog that will follow orders, no matter how strange they may be.


24. This dog that will become a Dalmatian if you really want him to.


25. This companion that will wear colorful hats to entertain his friend.


26. This fur ball that will play with you in the snow, even when it’s cold outside.


27. And this dog that will finally help you reach the cookie jar.

Source: Buzzfeed