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Cute Couple Takes Underwater Engagement Photos

In order to to have the most amazing engagement photos, you need to be willing to go into deep depths to get the the perfect engagement shots. Literally!

After the couple Adam and Shawn-Marie Ravazzano of Love and Water Photography moved to Maui they wanted to create amazing photos that would really blow people's minds.

Take a look below to see these unbelievable underwater engagement photos.












Makeup Tips and Tricks

#1 Concealer


Covering dark circles can sometimes be difficult depending on your skin tone. The concealer you use for your dark circles should be different from the concealer you use to cover your blemishes. There are different types of concealers you can buy, but it will first take some self-examining. First try and detect the color of your dark circles, whether it is green, blue, or even a purple shade, that should always be your first step. Once you detect it, find a concealer that will neutralize it and brighten your eyes. Find a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone as well to brighten your complexion.

#2 Winged Eyeliner


Believe me when I say, every girl has trouble with doing a winged eyeliner. So do not be discouraged! Honestly, it just takes a lot of practice and identifying the points of your eyes, end of your brows, and the arch of your brows. For beginners, I’d suggest starting off with a gel liner rather than a liquid. With gel liners you can control your motions more, and practice the actual shape of the perfect winged liner. Also, try not to tug on your eyes because that will cause crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes as you age. Start off by lining up the end of your brows as a reference to where your outer line should extend. Then use the arch of your brow as an indicator as to where your wing should meet with the rest of the liner. It’s almost like creating a triangle for the wing. After, just fill it in and even it out!

#3 Brightening Your Eyes


Find an eyeliner and mascara that will bring out the color of your eyes. For example if you have hazel color eyes, use rich autumn colors like browns and gold’s. It just a matter of identifying what works with your eyes. Don’t overwhelm your eyes with too much black. It will darken your eyes and make them look smaller. Use a white or rose gold pencil liner for the inner corners of your eyes and for your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger and make you seem more awake. Don’t forget, MASCARA, MASCARA, MASCARA! Mascara will make a huge difference in making your eyes seem bigger and brighter.

#4 Contouring and Highlighting


Contouring will make your face seem slimmer and more defined. Highlighting the high point of your face will add more dimension to your face. To contour, find a matte bronzer or a contouring kit to apply. Use a shade that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Find the appropriate brushes when contouring. When contouring your cheeks, use an angled brushed. Pucker your lips and suck in your cheeks and contour where the pocket of your cheeks meets the apples of your cheeks to add dimension. When contouring your nose, use a small angled brush and line up your eyebrows and length of your nose and draw two lines straight down. Once you've applied it, blend away to where there isn't a definite line. When highlighting, get a highlighter that is two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, and apply at the high points of your face. Everyone is different so this also takes some self-examining.

Tips to Make Hair Grow Fast and Healthy

#1 Avoid Heat


I know it can be difficult to not curl your hair or to not straighten it, but your hair needs a break! The more heat you apply to your hair the more damaged and coarse it will get. Try to find alternatives and if you do use heat be sure to use heat protectant to prevent any further damage. Instead of blow drying your hair, try air drying it the night before. Trust me, a month away from the heat and your hair will definitely thank you.

#2 Avoid Up-dos and Hair Buns


Updos and buns cause tugging to your hair. This will break off your hair causing them to split, pull, and tug at your scalp. It’s also just setting you up for crazy tangles. Try loose braids or just leaving your hair down. Creating bends and creases in your hair can cause split ends, so keep your hair loose and natural!

#3 Trim your Hair


I know it seems like an oxymoron, but believe me, keeping split ends only make it worse. Trimming and maintaining healthy hair is a huge part of fast growing hair. I suggest going to the salon once a month to get the split ends trimmed off. If you wait too long, the split ends will just go further up in your hair and break off or create more damage to your hair.

#4 Healthy Diet


Your hair, like all other parts of your body is only as good as how you eat! Eat enough proteins to strengthen your hair and to give it a healthy glow. Be sure to choose a healthy protein such as salmon or beans. Amino acids speed up the process of hair growth, so be sure to eat enough of it. Also be sure to have enough vitamins in your diet to allow your hair to grow the healthiest it can be! Changing your diet to become healthier will not only make your hair grow faster and strong, but it’ll be beneficial to the rest of your body as well!

#5 Moroccan Oil


I’ve used these products myself, and believe when I say IT WORKS. It makes your hair smooth, healthy, and shine all at once. It’s reduced the amount of split ends I get and makes my hair stronger. This product can go a bit pricey, but it is definitely worth it. The oil and deep leave in conditioner has yet to disappoint me, and for healthier looking and feeling hair, pick this up at your local beauty store.

#6 Washing your Hair


Many people think shampooing and conditioning their hair every day is healthy, but I’m here to tell you, it does the exact opposite. Washing your hair everyday can dry it out and become brittle. Try washing it every other day to allow your hair to rest in natural healthy oils and strength it. When you do wash your hair, shampoo first and only apply shampoo to your scalp, not the rest of your hair. Otherwise your hair will dry out. When you apply conditioner only apply to the lengths of your hair and leave it in for about 5 minutes for it to soak. Avoid using 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners; they will only leave you with dry brittle

#7 Avoid Hair Dye


As tempting as it maybe, dying your hair will only damage your hair even further. The harsh chemicals will leave your hair dry, coarse, and split ends. If you’re one of those people who love to dye their hair, just hold off for maybe three months, and your hair will be thanking you by the end of it.


Basic Rules For Beauty

#1 Bathing


Having an all-over wash each day ensures that perspiration which gets trapped under clothes is washed away, leaving you smelling sweet. After you have washed, spray on a deodorant to ensure that your body keeps fresh and an antiperspirant under the arms to help prevent wetness, too. Under-arm hair prevents the antiperspirant from working effectively, so make sure you remove it first with a special depilatory or razor.

#2 Hands and Nails


Hands and nails need constant care and attention. If hands look rough and red and nails split and break off easily, it could be due to a number of reasons. Check that there is enough calcium in your diet. The greatest single source of calcium is milk.

#3 Skin


If your skin has a naturally fine translucent texture that is blemish free and a good even color, then you are more than lucky. Most skin is subject to change, whether it is from diet, climatic conditions or health, and for these reasons it should always be treated with the greatest respect. Decide what skin type you have: if it’s dry, you’ll soon know, because after you’ve washed with soap and water, it feels flaky and taut. If it’s oily, you’ll have an open-pored skin which is very prone to spots and blackheads which should be treated accordingly.

#4 Hair


To look its best, hair needs to be kept clean and in good condition. If yours doesn’t look as good as it might. Check your diet and your shampoo. There are all types of shampoo to suit all types of hair, but the best ones are the ones with a built-in conditioner. Before shampooing hair, brush through first, to remove any surface dust then wet hair and apply half the shampoo amount.

#5 Teeth


Teeth need to be kept looking sparkling white and trouble-free by brushing them after every meal. It’s the brushing, not the toothpaste, that is important, though if your teeth are persistently yellow, you could try the toothpaste devised especially for smokers. Brushing teeth helps stop particles of food from clinging to the enamel and getting wedged in cracks and crevices. When this happens, bacteria attacks the tooth, eventually getting through to the nerve and causing toothache.

#6 Posture


When you looked in the mirror did you automatically straighten Your Shoulders and pull your tummy in? Slouching is probably the most common crime in tall people and just succeeds in pulling the body into an ugly and unnatural shape. If you are tall, be proud of it. Hold shoulders back and tuck in that tummy and bottom in.

#7 Sleep


The amount needed varies tremendously from person to person, but on average, eight hours of sleep is sufficient for most people. One night without much sleep won’t harm most people (and you can make up the backlog with one extra-long sleep) but constant lack of sleep will soon show. Eyes become bloodshot and puffed, with dark circles appearing beneath them and eventually skin and hair suffers too.

#8 Exercise


A firm, supple body indicates that you are fit and trim but areas of flab around the upper arms, waist and thighs are a danger sign and mean that you are in need of a tone-up. Dieting can lead to weight loss, but exercising can cause loss of inches. Together, they will not only make you feel more lively but give you a better, firmer shape altogether.

The Worst Things You Can Do To Your Hair

#1 Avoiding Getting Regular Haircuts

Getting regular haircuts is extremely important to hair growth. If you straighten your hair everyday and don’t get regular trims, this will leave you with awful split ends, which will slow down hair growth!


#2 Washing Hair Everyday

Even though it may be refreshing or seem healthy to wash your hair everyday, its not. Shampooing your hair everyday will leave your hair very brittle and dry leaving it damaged.


#3 Excessive Heat On Hair


Excessive Heat On Hair

If you blow dry your hair every day or use a flat iron on your hair at least once a day, the you are basically “frying” your hair. Ironing your hair everyday is very damaging, but if you do iron daily, some hair care product is recommended.


#4 Choosing The Wrong Styling Products


Choosing The Wrong Styling Products

Choosing the right product for you hair is really important when trying to keep your hair nice and healthy. In order to find the right product, ask a hairdresser what type of product would work best. Some products will just leave your hair frizzy and not hold the style.


#5 Using Too Much Product


Using Too Much Product

Using too much product can ruin the look even if you are using a good styling product. It can make the hair look unnatural and stuff looking. To avoid this, rub a small amount of product between your hands.

#6 Brushing Hair Excessively

Believe it or not, brushing your hair can be unhealthy for the hair. Brushing it once or twice a day is a great way to stimulate the scalp and can leave the hair looking straighter. Never brush your hair when its wet also.


#7 Ignoring A Healthy Scalp

Ignoring A Healthy Scalp

The scalp is the most important part of the head and protection of the hair. The scalp contains all the follicles that every strand of the hair is connected to and without a healthy scalp, the hair will not develop as quick and full.

#8 Pulling Out Your Grey Hairs

Pulling Out Your Grey Hairs

If you find yourself removing all your grey hairs, its time to start coloring your hair. Removing the grey hairs will make them grow back faster and will make hair look dull and washed out.


#9 Not Using Conditioner

Not Using Conditioner

Your missing out on so many hair benefits if you are not using conditioner! If you have oily or greasy looking hair, using conditioner will make it much healthier looking and adds shine. It also prevents damaging and breakage of the hair.


#10 Wearing Your Hair Up Everyday

Wearing Your Hair Up Everyday

Many girls love wearing a ponytail because it keeps the hair out of their face. They also like to wear it like this because it’s less of a hassle then doing your hair. But if you constantly wear a ponytail, it will create pressure on the scalp making your hair weak and harder to grow out.