Makeup Tips and Tricks

#1 Concealer


Covering dark circles can sometimes be difficult depending on your skin tone. The concealer you use for your dark circles should be different from the concealer you use to cover your blemishes. There are different types of concealers you can buy, but it will first take some self-examining. First try and detect the color of your dark circles, whether it is green, blue, or even a purple shade, that should always be your first step. Once you detect it, find a concealer that will neutralize it and brighten your eyes. Find a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone as well to brighten your complexion.

#2 Winged Eyeliner


Believe me when I say, every girl has trouble with doing a winged eyeliner. So do not be discouraged! Honestly, it just takes a lot of practice and identifying the points of your eyes, end of your brows, and the arch of your brows. For beginners, I’d suggest starting off with a gel liner rather than a liquid. With gel liners you can control your motions more, and practice the actual shape of the perfect winged liner. Also, try not to tug on your eyes because that will cause crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes as you age. Start off by lining up the end of your brows as a reference to where your outer line should extend. Then use the arch of your brow as an indicator as to where your wing should meet with the rest of the liner. It’s almost like creating a triangle for the wing. After, just fill it in and even it out!

#3 Brightening Your Eyes


Find an eyeliner and mascara that will bring out the color of your eyes. For example if you have hazel color eyes, use rich autumn colors like browns and gold’s. It just a matter of identifying what works with your eyes. Don’t overwhelm your eyes with too much black. It will darken your eyes and make them look smaller. Use a white or rose gold pencil liner for the inner corners of your eyes and for your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger and make you seem more awake. Don’t forget, MASCARA, MASCARA, MASCARA! Mascara will make a huge difference in making your eyes seem bigger and brighter.

#4 Contouring and Highlighting


Contouring will make your face seem slimmer and more defined. Highlighting the high point of your face will add more dimension to your face. To contour, find a matte bronzer or a contouring kit to apply. Use a shade that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Find the appropriate brushes when contouring. When contouring your cheeks, use an angled brushed. Pucker your lips and suck in your cheeks and contour where the pocket of your cheeks meets the apples of your cheeks to add dimension. When contouring your nose, use a small angled brush and line up your eyebrows and length of your nose and draw two lines straight down. Once you've applied it, blend away to where there isn't a definite line. When highlighting, get a highlighter that is two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, and apply at the high points of your face. Everyone is different so this also takes some self-examining.