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Things Women Should Always Have in Their Handbags

#1 Looking Pretty at Every Occasion


Even if you are not a big fan of make-up, there should always be a place in your handbag reserved for proper lipstick. Of course for most of the women this is not nearly enough. Some powder, eye liner and mascara and we are ready to go.

#2 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A proper pocket mirror can do as amazing things as the magic one from the tale Snow-white. Not only we need it to correct the lipstick, it is also an amazing accessory if we are a bit naughty and wants to spy on cute boy sitting behind us on the bus ;)

#3 Always Prepared for a Sweet Kiss


Kiss or no kiss, breath fresheners of any kind are always a must! Just imagine realizing you have a morning breath minutes before you have an important business meeting. Awkward isn’t it? Not if you have a pack of mints in your bag.

#4 Here’s My Number So Call Me Maybe

In the times of modernization, it is extremely important to be able to communicate at all times. That’s why a cell phone is another must. It can also be a great fashion accessory

#5 Keep Out Either the Sun or the Heat

In summer we shouldn't forget a sexy pair of sunglasses that keep out the sun and protect our eyes and in winter a pair of cute, colorful gloves is important to protect a delicate skin

#6 Do You Smell the Roses?

Not necessarily every woman likes the sweet smell of the roses; however, most women use perfumes, which imitate that scent. There should always be a place inside a bag reserved for a perfume of your taste.


#7 Not Only When Hungover


Headaches often begin without a particular reason. Painkillers in our bag won’t only be useful for headaches, but will help us with various pains when we will need to be fit for everyday responsibilities. Just don’t overdo it, sometimes all we really need is a proper rest.

#8 Pen is Mightier Than Sword

Yes, it is true that we can nowadays save almost every piece of data in our mobile phones. However, just imagine how cute would it be if you would leave your number to a handsome waiter in your favorite coffee shop. Pen and notebook should find their place in your bag.

#9 Hold my Hand Baby


Hand crème of course, how can we forget about it. They not only leave your skin amazingly soft and ready for some hand shaking, but also smell nice. They are especially vital in the winter, when cold can leave our hands rough.

#10 Don’t Forget About the Most Basic Stuff


In the everyday rush we sometimes forget about staying well feed and hydrated. Little free time is no excuse for not drinking enough water or not eating anything all day. There is always a room in a hand bag for a bottle of water and some snacks.