Wrong connection

We live in a society, which, if you are lucky, enables men and women alike to dream and have the freedom to give a shot at actually achieving it.
However, how free are we in a world where all your movements can and will be monitored should they feel that you are a threat to the system? A system fueled by money and power. Two elements that have seeped into our lives creating the disillusion that it increases the quality of life, two elements that have divided human from humanity. Escaping the system is not an option. The current way of regulation has been ingrained throughout the years and the roots have been affecting not only every citizen in this world but more importantly the planet itself. Long-term vision in this case is non-existent, if we continue to exploit the earth’s natural resources at the current rate, living lavishly as we do, the planet’s resources will be completely exhausted within, 50 years.
Why would we even worry or think about the generations yet to come? After all, all we want is the newest smartphone, the newest and fastest car, a nice and big house, go to faraway places, we want everything to be done at our convenience and if it does not happen we complain mercilessly about it. Convenience has become the new norm. If it does not meet our standard, - mind you, there are more or less 7 billion people on this planet so what is exactly the right standard? - then it is obviously below par. Nonetheless, 1 in 8 people in the world suffer from chronic undernourishment, they have been rejected by society, they are not fit to compete within society and keep up with the standards that the system has imposed upon us in the first place.
The boundaries of these standards are shifting; the pace of life is accelerating whereby the focus is put on future demands. Tomorrow is already too late, what would the consumer want in 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now? As Apple coyly stated in the distant past of 2001, “The Future is Here”. And they are right. In order to keep up with this tremendous speed, multitasking seems to be a fundamental skill an individual needs to possess. While on the phone with one person you can easily be chatting with your friend online at the very same time. Social networks make it easy to connect with people. However, these days being connected carries a downright different connotation. Supposedly this type of connection does more justice to its physical meaning as the social network connection consists of a link between points through fiber-optic cables. Each connection in your social network is merely a point within the ever-expanding length of cables. Real human connection seems to get lost on the cyber highway. The screen that is willingly put between us is convenient, it is a place where you can hide and safeguard the role you are playing and desperately trying to uphold within society. The more different screens you have to put between you and the other the better; a self-actualization through the materials you have worked so hard to pay for.
Staying in touch has been demoted to text messages. Nobody calls any more, let alone taking the time to write an actual handwritten letter. While the standard of living has increased tremendously, the value of connectivity has deteriorated dramatically. As a result, people not only lose touch of human connectivity but have devalued being in touch with humanity and compassion. Vulnerability continues to be a sign of weakness, courage continues to be for the brave who dare to stare danger right in the eyes, compassion is left for the nuns and connectivity can be found at your provider.
By Julie Ng

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