Andy Murray beats Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon

Yesterday 07 july , 2013 was an epic day in the life of tennis history especially for birtain as they have created history in 77 years .Andy murrey was the one who did ,he beat world rank no.1 Novak Djokovic with his abysmal perforfance ,curatiling the hope of serbian player to take another grandslam home but that is not what destiny wants and results are therefore something different.What a game ,really one of its kind ,which will be enjoyed by generations after generations .With last championship point won after 5 deuce ,crowd was cheering hard and clearly wants murrey to win it which eventually happened (and history was created).You can see the tension on the face of andy murray's coach ,mother and britain celebritites who came all the way to watch british win. Some of the great people among crowd were Prime minister itself, Bradley cooper , Gerard Butler and many others .
I think if you have not watched the game you should really watch it ,it was a greta game to watch. There are many few moments also which are really hilarious on andy's stupidity but no one can say anything cause man wins and maybe ecstatic about it which can be clearly seen from his expression and gesture .Some moments are when andy murray won and went to his coach and family area for accolade he forget his mother (even commentator were laughing) ,He dropped the top of the Wimbeldon cup at ground .But keeping jokes apart its the mark of new era in Laen tennis history with new players coming up .Both Fedex and Rafa (legends) were sent home early top two positions were taken by Novak and Andy great game .New guns are coming but it would love to see tyrant veteran to defeat these new guns.Lot to watch in tennis but this is one of the clear evidence when britain rocks world shocks!

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