Be at liberty,Freedom to choose.

We exist within confines adhered to by conformity, there are so many people seeking to take advantage of us without our concern, the challenge of the 21st century is to consciously make a choice. I believe freedom to choose is the highest form of liberty and since people want to dominate over others there are so many ways in effect to oppress people in their liberty, so the question is are you really free?

Ignorance is a yoke of oppression, laziness to think and pursue knowledge keeps one under the hand of canning people in different areas of life. Its called T&C when we buy and ignoring this has left so many in great debt, the gray areas in business are the reason why others are employed and others are employees, there is always a barrier of ignorance around a slave the modern day trick of oppression is "make them believe they are free".

There is no rising above ignorance without diligence: we live in a reality where intelligence without diligence is being exploited for its ignorance. There is so much potential being wasted either because its being wrongly invested or its invested in laziness, diligence in the regard isn't only about working wholeheartedly but is also above searching and understanding the peak of your potential. Its sad to see an Eagle never take off and its strength compromised by the ignorance of its potential. Ignorance holds one back through two things: fear and preoccupation. A person living below the bar of their true potential is either afraid to pursue their true potential or they are overworked.

Ignorance in the past was through limiting information but today its through an overdose of information such that we cannot find our way to the desired end and so for us to express our freedom we have to diligently pursue our desire.

By Siphesihle AfrikaWisdom Shabalala
Author of Well of Wisdom

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