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The World’s Fattest Woman With Her Husband (10 PICS)

The World’s Fattest Woman With Her Husband (10 PICS)

#1 Letting It All Hang Out
[caption width="550" align="alignnone"] world's fattest woman[/caption]

Meet Suzanne, the world's fattest woman. Just to be clear – we're not condoning nor criticizing her weight; this is just a gallery of pictures Suzanne has voluntarily posed for a few months ago for a news article.

#2 Breakfast In Bed

[caption width="587" align="alignnone"] world's fattest woman[/caption]

33-year-old Suzanne Eman is a model for "supersized big beautiful women" websites, proud mother of two children, and openly talks about her desire to become the fattest woman in the world through hard work and determination. She currently weighs a little over 756lb (342kg).

#3 Some Light Stretching
[caption width="526" align="alignnone"] world's fattest woman[/caption]

Suzanne is engaged to marry Patrick Clark, who she met online. It may come as no surprise that Patrick is a chef, and has told reporters that he gets great pleasure in cooking for Suzanne. He often brings her breakfast in bed, where she consumes up to 5 or 6 full plates of food.

#4 A Bit Of Yoga
[caption width="577" align="alignnone"] world's fattest woman[/caption]

As you can see here, Suzanne likes to do a bit of casual yoga to keep calm and peaceful in her quest to become the world's fattest woman. Some positions though, like downward facing dog or the one where you do a head stand aren't possible for her.

#5 Doing Some Aerobics
[caption width="598" align="alignnone"]world's fattest woman world's fattest woman[/caption]

Obviously, Suzanne doesn't do water aerobics, as it's difficult for her to squeeze into a bikini, but she does enjoy doing some aerobics from the comfort of her own home while Patrick is busy making dinner in the kitchen.

#6 A Couple In Love
[caption width="511" align="alignnone"]world's fattest woman world's fattest woman[/caption]
These two say they're very much in love and wouldn't want to be with anyone else. They share the same bed every night. Well, Suzanne takes up a little more of the bed than Patrick does, but still… you get the idea!

#7 Cutting Toe Nails
[caption width="598" align="alignnone"]world's fattest woman world's fattest woman[/caption]
Some everyday chores or activities (like cutting toe nails, showering, putting shoes on, getting the mail from the letter box, etc.) are quite difficult or even impossible for Suzanne to do by herself. Luckily she's got Patrick to help her out with these things!

#8 A Lot Of Loving
[caption width="300" align="alignnone"]world's fattest woman world's fattest woman[/caption]
Say what you want about these two, but they are very smitten with each other. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and this couple are the perfect example! They are unconventional in a lot of ways, but their love is strong!

#9 Having A Light Breakfast
[caption width="600" align="alignnone"]world's fattest woman world's fattest woman[/caption]
This is an average-sized meal for Suzanne. You can see from this picture that cooking for Suzanne would be a full-time job in itself, and the whole family helps out with the cooking and cleaning in order to support Suzanne's quirky and slightly odd goal in life.

#10 One Big Happy Family
[caption width="301" align="alignnone"]world's fattest woman world's fattest woman[/caption]
Here is a family portrait of Suzanne and Patrick with her two happy children in a park somewhere. She might be a big lady but she still puts in the effort to be a good mother! Best of luck to this big happy family and Suzanne's ongoing quest with her eating habits!

Source- spiralnova

7 Lifesaving Signals Your Body Is Sending You: Learn How To Recognize Them!

[caption id="attachment_782" align="alignnone" width="560"]7 Lifesaving Signals Your Body Is Sending You: Learn How To Recognize Them! 7 Lifesaving Signals Your Body Is Sending You: Learn How To Recognize Them!
Our bodies are sending us messages every day pertaining to our overall health. Learning to interpret those messages can help us pay attention to what our body is telling us that it needs.

Some signals that our body sends us, like pain, are more obvious than others. Pain is a definite sign that something is wrong. Unfortunately most of the signals our body sends us are much more subtle. Here are some signals that your body send you every day that you need to be paying attention to.

1. Urine
The first bladder void of the day can tell you more about you overall health than you would think. Paying attention to the color of your urine is the most important thing to note. A lighter, straw-colored urine indicates that you are well hydrated and healthy. Darker urine can indicate that you need more water of possibly have an infection. Also, the amount of urine you produce is important. When you are dehydrated your body doesn’t produce urine because it is holding as much water as possible. Changes in the smell, color or density of urine is often the first sign of health problems because urine is the by-product of your body removing toxins.

2. Teeth
Our mouths are the major gateway into our bodies, and therefore the first indication of health problems. For instance, if you notice that your gum bleed when you brush your teeth, there is a good chance that you have some form of gum disease. Gum disease can lead to other infections throughout the body, and are linked to several different medical conditions. Your teeth themselves can give signs of infection or disease as well. Teeth that crack or break can be a sign of acidosis, because a build up of acid – even the the saliva, can weaken teeth.

3. Weight
We all gain and lose weight throughout the year, but sudden weight loss or gain can be a sign of bigger problems. Sudden weight gain can be a sign of fluid retention, which indicated a problem with your heart or kidneys. If your heart is not functioning correctly, it leads to a build up up fluid, usually in the feet and lower legs that adds up to extra pounds. Losing weight dramatically is a sign that something could be wrong with your digestive system. When your body cannot break down the nutrients we put in our bodies, we begin to loose weight quickly.

4. Nails
The color and texture of our nails is a very obvious indicator of our health because our nails or dead cells being processed and expelled by the body. If your nails begin to turn yellow and thicken, that is a good sign of a fungal infection. Thin, brittle nails are a sign of calcium deficiencies that can effect several different aspects of health. Calcium in an essential nutrient in our body, so it is important to know when we don’t have enough.

5. Skin
Our skin is actually the largest organ of the human body. It is linked to everything going on inside of us. Noticing things like rashes, dark spots, growths, streaking, or changes in color are all signs that something is going on inside your body. After showering, take a second to inspect your skin and look for any changes.

6. Hair
Like your nails, your hair can show you exactly what is going on inside your body. Changes in hair color can indicate high stress levels. A change in the texture of your hair can be an indication that your body is not getting the nutrients it needs. Dry, thinning hair can be an indication of thyroid problems. Thinning hair in general is an indicator that something is going on in your body.

7. Body Odor
Everyone gives off a traceable amount of body odor, but excessive body odor can be a sign of infection. Changes in body chemistry can produce different changes in body odor as well. The best time to asses body odor is in the mornings, before showering and before applying any body scents like deodorant or perfume.

All of these signals your body is sending you are very important to pay attention to to regulate and maintain a high level of overall health.

Every Day Health
Healthy Life Tricks
Medical News Today

9 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

The very thought of seeing a spider on my carpet, or climbing up my wall, or lurking in my bath tub sends shivers down my spine. It’s fair to say I don’t like spiders – but I know they can be very beneficial so I don’t want to kill them!

Which is why this article is so great. It reveals nine fantastic natural ways to repel spiders and keep them out of your home without harming them and without harming your family with the use of chemical sprays.

Let’s be completely honest. Nobody REALLY likes spiders. Even if they are completely harmless little things, nobody really wants spiders hanging around inside their house. But, how do you repel them naturally without hurting them, and without exposing your family to any potentially harmful chemicals?

Read on for the answers you are looking for!

1.Mint Them Out

bandicam 2015-04-15 14-41-15-943

Did you know that spiders HATE peppermint? Most people don’t! An easy way to keep spiders from invading your space is to fill a spray bottle with peppermint essential oil and water, and then spray it around your home. Plus, your home will smell great!!

2.Clean It Up

bandicam 2015-04-15 14-41-23-711

The cheapest and most organic way to repel spiders naturally is probably not the easiest! Keeping your home neat, tidy and free of dust or webs is the best way to keep spiders from moving in. Regular vacuuming, dusting, and de-cluttering will keep any insects from making themselves at home!

3.Use Vinegar

bandicam 2015-04-15 14-41-29-601

White vinegar has about five trillion uses around the house (look it up!), and repelling spiders is one of them! Repelling spiders with vinegar is much like repelling them with peppermint oil, in that you fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water, and spray all the cracks and crevices around your home.

4.Enlist The Help Of A Furry Friend

bandicam 2015-04-15 14-41-36-967

Cats are a great spider deterrent! Four legged furry friends can be great hunters and will definitely not let a spider crawl across the floor without going on the prowl and taking care of business!

5.Don’t Let Them In

bandicam 2015-04-15 14-41-44-719

A great way to keep spiders out of your home is to never let them in in the first place! Make sure the exterior of your home is free from leaves, grass clippings, wood piles, or any other notorious spider hangouts. You can also check all door openings and windowsills to make sure there isn’t room for spiders to get in that way,and apply caulk when needed.

6.Citrus Does The Trick

bandicam 2015-04-15 14-41-55-715

It’s common knowledge that spiders hate all things citrus. Rubbing citrus peels on areas where spiders are known to frequent, like baseboards, windowsills and bookshelves, is a great way to keep them from coming around. Even using lemon scented furniture polish can drive spiders away!

7.Let Cedar Do The Work

bandicam 2015-04-15 14-42-03-894
Cedar can be a great deterrent for spiders. You can use cedar mulch outside around the perimeter of your home to try to keep spiders from ever getting inside. If you have access to a cedar chest or cedar hangers to use in your closet, that is a good choice as well. Using cedar blocks or shavings inside closets, cupboards or drawers can make them think twice about hanging out in there too!

bandicam 2015-04-15 14-42-19-334
Yes, you read that right, chestnuts! They have been known to drive away spiders, so placing a few in your windowsills or along your baseboards can keep spiders from hanging out there. Many people also believe that the same thing can be done with an osage orange (also known as a hedgeapple) You can keep chestnuts and hedgeapples in the house for a long time before they go bad, so it’s worth giving it a shot!


bandicam 2015-04-15 14-41-02-371
It sounds weird, but spiders hate tobacco just about as much as they hate lemons and chestnuts! You can sprinkle small pieces of tobacco where spiders are troublesome, or you can soak tobacco in water and then spray the mixture all around. However, tobacco is pretty expensive these days, so you can likely find a more affordable fix for keeping spiders at bay!

source: naturallivingideas

You Have About 5 to 30 Pounds Of Poison In Your Colon! Here is Your Solution

[caption width="560" align="alignnone"]You Have About 5 to 30 Pounds Of Poison In Your Colon! Here is Your Solution You Have About 5 to 30 Pounds Of Poison In Your Colon! Here is Your Solution[/caption]

People do not give much thought to the functioning of the colon. The colon, however, is a vital part of a healthy, functioning body.

The colon also known as the large intestine removes water, salt, and some nutrients forming stool. A colon that is not functioning correctly will hold onto waste longer than is good for your body. An unhealthy colon does not move along the waste efficiently at all.

It should take only around 24 hours for food to process through your body, but with the modern way of eating that lacks essential nutrients the transit time sometimes slows to 70 hours which results in up to 30 pounds of accumulated waste. One of the most common signs of this condition is constipation.

“The heavy mucus coating in the colon thickens and becomes a host of putrefaction. The blood capillaries to the colon begin to pick up the toxins, poisons and noxious debris as it seeps through the bowel wall. All tissues and organs of the body are now taking on toxic substances. Here is the beginning of true autointoxication on a physiological level. This accumulation can have the consistency of truck tire rubber. It’s that hard and black.”


The Master cleanse is a 10-16 day program that was developed by Stanley Burroughs in 1940. It is one of the easiest and most effective colon cleansers you could ever hope for.


2 Tbsp Organic Lemon Juice

2 Tbsp Pure Organic Maple Syrup
1/10 Tsp Cayenne
Ten Ounces of Filtered Water
Mix everything very will and drink 5-8 times per day for a minimum of 10 days and a max of 16.

How To See Without Glasses, No Matter How Bad Your Vision Is!


Do you remember that old television show Scooby doo? Velma seems to lose her glasses in every single episode. When they show her vision, you see blurry line, she cannot focus even for a moment so that she can find her glasses. I know that you have had this happen to you at one point or another!

We have all had blurry vision at one point or another, but there is no need to fret when this happens!

This trick will help people with even the worst eyesight. There is an easy way to focus your eyes in order to make vision easier. It is so simple and requires you only to make a small hole with your hand to peek through! Watch and Learn!

How To Use Baking Soda To Get Soft and Smooth Feet

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="560"] How To Use Baking Soda To Get Soft and Smooth Feet[/caption]


Having dry, cracked, or rough feet can be the bane of any woman’s life. Don’t live with dry feet anymore, use this recipe to get the soft feet you’ve always wanted.

What woman doesn’t want nice smooth and soft feet? It is hard to get there when you have dry and cracked heels. Baking soda has antiseptic properties that make it good for helping your feet get to the smooth state you want them in. Baking soda remove water hardness in the skin.

This cheap and effective remedy will make you wonder why you didn’t know about it before. You may never use anything else after using baking soda for your foot care. If you want your feet to be soft and smooth, try out this recipe.

1. Make a mixture of 6 tbsp. of baking soda and 5-6 liters of water. When the baking soda has dissolved, soak your feet in the mixture for 15-20 minutes.
2. Scrub your feet with a foot scrubber to get rid of dead skin.
3. Apply Vaseline ad the cotton socks on.
4. Do this about 3 times in a week and then take a week break. After 3 treatments you will notice a considerable difference in your heels and the softness of your feet.



5 Conspiracy Theories Which Turned Out to be True

What if I tell you that the doctors did not treat us, just wait until we die to cut our bodies?

1. Tuskegee syphilis experiment

In the years 1932-1972, there were a series of experiments on about 400 syphilis-infected black citizens of the United States. The study selected the poor, simple and uneducated – most of them did not even know about their illness. U.S. Public Health Service had promised free treatment to patients. In fact, they were given aspirin. The purpose of this “experiment” was to observe a progressive disease in representatives of the black race, and the scientific autopsy of deceased participants in these studies. As a result, 28 people died directly of syphilis, 100 died as a result of complications directly related to the disease, 40 women were infected by unconscious patients, and 19 children were born with congenital disease.


The sad truth about the Tuskegee Experiment was confirmed in 1997 by President Bill Clinton, who officially and publicly apologized to the eight surviving participants in these studies.


What if I tell you that the U.S. government itself commits “acts of terror” on its land, just to have an excuse to invade another country?

2. Operation Northwoods

In 1997, as a result of the murder of J.F. Kennedy, fifteen hundred pages of documents entitled “Operation Northwoods” were declassified. In the 60s, the United States was preparing for war with Cuba. To fire up the war machine public support was needed. In turn the defense secretary presented a paper called “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba” so they had a whole range of interesting provocations, such as terrorist attacks involving the blowing up military bases, starting fires, aircraft hijacking, “landing” of Cuban troops , bombings, and even the sinking of a boat full of armed Cubans.


see the full document for yourself here

These false flag terrorist attacks were to be carried out by the CIA on a massive scale so that the citizens of the United States would feel threatened by Fidel Castro and the government had an excuse to start a war. The plan was never implemented however, as president Kennedy met with the General Lyman Lemnitzer and rejected the plan of operation. This time it did not work …


What if I tell you that it is just about oil?

3. Nayirah Testimony

In August 1990 there was conflict between Iraq and Kuwait, mostly over oil fields as Saddam Hussein accused Kuwaitis of theft of these resources. On October 10th the whole world turned its eyes toward a fifteen-year old girl named Nayirah, who wept profusely as she talked about inhumane crimes committed by Iraqi soldiers. The young Kuwaiti was to witness the killing of more than 300 babies in a hospital. The dramatic speech touched the hearts of viewers and managed to drum up overwhelming support for the involvement of the United States in this conflict and the outbreak of the Gulf War.



When the battle dust settled, someone took a closer look at Nayirah. Quickly it became apparent that the sobbing girl in front of millions of viewers was the daughter of Sheikh Saud Nasser Al-Saud Al-Sabah – Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States and a member of the royal family. The child was handed to PR whizzes – Hill & Knowlton company, where she passed a course in comprehensive acting training. It had to work out – the company bosses signed an $11.9 million contract with the Kuwaiti royal family. The task was simple — to persuade the U.S. to military to take action against Iraq. Nayirah lied. This time it worked …


What if I tell you that the leading Nazi scientists got a job in USA after the war?

4. Operation Paperclip.

World War II was coming to an end and nothing more could change the situation of the Third Reich. American special forces had acknowledged that it would be a pity if some people lost their lives, especially those whose knowledge and experience could potentially serve the interests of the United States. As part of Operation Paperclip, they smuggled into the U.S. a group of gifted scientists from the Nazi rocket industry, medicine and chemical weapons divisions.

In the safe arms of Uncle Sam there were, among others, Wernher Von Braun (SS-man, the creator of the famous missile V-2), Kurt Blome (a doctor specializing in biological weapons, which tested their inventions on prisoners in Auschwitz) and Hubertus Strughold (“father of space medicine” who examined the effect of extremely low temperatures on the human body in camp Dachau). In total, 700 German “men of science”, found their new home on American soil.

What if I tell you that the government controls your mind?

5. MK-Ultra

In many conspiracy theories there are fragments of “Big Brother”, which uses a variety of different methods to brainwash the public. It turns out that playing with people’s minds was actually done by the CIA a good half a century ago! In the 60s, thanks to the NY Times reporters, details of the MK-Ultra project came to light, which was aimed to investigate the human ability to be controlled by the use of certain chemicals, subliminal messages, electrical impulses and psychoactive substances. The project itself consisted of a number of sub-projects. For example, MK-Search was designed to create the perfect truth serum that could be used on captured Russian spies.

They also looked into research on the practical use of LSD. Experiments were conducted on prostitutes, prisoners and people with mental illness. Often times without their knowledge or consent. One such experiment was to give the drug to seven volunteers continuously for 77 days … Among the substances, with which the CIA dealt was also amphetamines, psilocybin and mescaline. They also experimented with hypnotic seances. When information about MK-Ultra was released to the public, a number of committees of inquiry were established and this research was formally and publicly condemned.

It is often said that the infamous project was one of the factors which resulted in the generation of the hippie movement. Ken Kesey – author of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, as a volunteer, was participating in one of the experiments, prepared by the CIA. The effect of LSD on the human mind intrigued the writer so much, that he became one of the first proponents of the use of psychedelic drugs in the context of recreation. Another member of psychedelic experimentation was Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead …


I Knew Mr Rogers Was Awesome, But This Is Just Special.

Top 20 Anti-Aging Foods

Rainbow Trout:

20Rainbow Trout

These contain omega 3 fatty acids which salmon contains which most commonly helps in anti-aging. Trout should be commonly fried in olive oil which helps in burning fats, healthy fats that are present in Rainbow trout helps in cell protection keeping you from aging.
Article Source:
Image Soruce: Getty Images


Green Tea:

19Green Tea

Many researches and surveys have found that aging process has slowed down with few cups of green tea every day. It improves your DNA structure and also slows down the process of shortening of cells during aging. You can drink it either hot or cold or it can also be used as a refreshing base for stews and soups. Green tea always helps you look and feel younger.





Vitamins like Lycopene and beta-carotene are present in watermelon which plays a major role in healing the skin cells that are damaged when exposed to sunlight. Thus skin looks young.





These seeds are moisturized and the oil extracted from these seeds helps your skin look moisturized. They contain omega 3 fatty acids which mainly help in anti-aging and good health. The oil from these seeds can be used in your favorite dishes to make your skin healthy.



Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes

They contain a compound called as lycopene which contains large amounts of vitamins helping the skin from Ultra violet damage. Consuming sweet potatoes leads to healthier skin and young look.





Making use of curcumin powder with vegetables, meat or rice helps in preventing the blood vessels from the cells causing cancer, which keeps you healthy and fit and makes you look young.



Dark Chocolate:

14Dark Chocolate

The digestion process can be retarded by consuming fewer amounts of dark chocolate, which makes you feel full. It boosts the process of metabolism that aids in burning fats and calorie. It helps us keep away from the heart diseases. Also helps in anti-aging by reducing calories in the body.





They contain antioxidants which help you stay fit and good health, just a quarter tea spoon of cinnamon powder per day after meal, helps you maintain body fats.



Whole Grains:

12 whole grains

Carbohydrates that are present in the grains help in burning fats, the cholesterol levels are brought down by the carbohydrates in the grains. This helps in anti-aging and life moderation.




11 corn

Corn keeps away from causing cancer; fiber content that is present in corn prevents the growth in cancer. A component called IP6 is present in the corn, helps in maintaining good health and killing the cells causing cancer.




10 Spinach

Green leafy vegetables are high in nutrients; it has a pigment called as lutein which is generally present in green leafy vegetables that keeps you from aging.



Red Wine:

9 red wine

Red wine is rich in antioxidants. Fermented foods are very good for digestion, as they contain lactic acid. Resveratrol is a famous antioxidant present in the skin of grapes; it helps in death of brain and heart cells.  Thus it is helpful in Anti-aging.




8 oats

Fiber is the most essential nutrient which is not mostly consumed by anyone these days. Fiber content is more in oats, which keeps you full and makes you eat less for the next meal, the weight gain in the middle age makes you look older, which can be prevented by consuming oats every day.





This is very high in nutrition, when compared to salmon it contains less amounts of calories in it but has equal amounts of fatty acids called Omega 3 fatty acids, which mainly helps in looking young and also looking healthy.





Heart diseases can be prevented by consuming coffee, added advantage of coffee is that is keeps you away from diabetes though it has some drawbacks. Coffee must be mostly consumed without more sugar and cream which helps you in anti-aging and good health.



Greek Yogurt:

5Greek yogurt

Generally yogurt has more contents of sugar and lactose in it, Greek yogurt has less amounts of these substances when compare to normal yogurt, which helps in gaining good health and also keeps from aging.



Whey Protein:

4Whey Protein

This protein got a substance in it called as resistant starch, which helps in metabolism, generally aging leads to loss of mass in the muscles, which is caused due to fewer metabolisms. This can be prevented by consuming the whey protein.



Wild Salmon:

3 Wild salmon

They contains fatty acids in them which are called Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in anti-aging, good functioning of brain, skin, eyes, joints and heart. Aging leads in reducing good functioning of brain. Wild salmon is suggestible for anti-aging.





These are highly nutrient; the best part is that they come with shell over them. Survey has been carried out saying that the main advantage of shelled nuts is that they contain less calories when compared to unshelled nuts.



They contain large amounts of antioxidants which are responsible for skin and brain care. The fiber content present in them helps in producing vitamins and minerals in the body which keeps you from aging.