The Worst Things You Can Do To Your Hair

#1 Avoiding Getting Regular Haircuts

Getting regular haircuts is extremely important to hair growth. If you straighten your hair everyday and don’t get regular trims, this will leave you with awful split ends, which will slow down hair growth!


#2 Washing Hair Everyday

Even though it may be refreshing or seem healthy to wash your hair everyday, its not. Shampooing your hair everyday will leave your hair very brittle and dry leaving it damaged.


#3 Excessive Heat On Hair


Excessive Heat On Hair

If you blow dry your hair every day or use a flat iron on your hair at least once a day, the you are basically “frying” your hair. Ironing your hair everyday is very damaging, but if you do iron daily, some hair care product is recommended.


#4 Choosing The Wrong Styling Products


Choosing The Wrong Styling Products

Choosing the right product for you hair is really important when trying to keep your hair nice and healthy. In order to find the right product, ask a hairdresser what type of product would work best. Some products will just leave your hair frizzy and not hold the style.


#5 Using Too Much Product


Using Too Much Product

Using too much product can ruin the look even if you are using a good styling product. It can make the hair look unnatural and stuff looking. To avoid this, rub a small amount of product between your hands.

#6 Brushing Hair Excessively

Believe it or not, brushing your hair can be unhealthy for the hair. Brushing it once or twice a day is a great way to stimulate the scalp and can leave the hair looking straighter. Never brush your hair when its wet also.


#7 Ignoring A Healthy Scalp

Ignoring A Healthy Scalp

The scalp is the most important part of the head and protection of the hair. The scalp contains all the follicles that every strand of the hair is connected to and without a healthy scalp, the hair will not develop as quick and full.

#8 Pulling Out Your Grey Hairs

Pulling Out Your Grey Hairs

If you find yourself removing all your grey hairs, its time to start coloring your hair. Removing the grey hairs will make them grow back faster and will make hair look dull and washed out.


#9 Not Using Conditioner

Not Using Conditioner

Your missing out on so many hair benefits if you are not using conditioner! If you have oily or greasy looking hair, using conditioner will make it much healthier looking and adds shine. It also prevents damaging and breakage of the hair.


#10 Wearing Your Hair Up Everyday

Wearing Your Hair Up Everyday

Many girls love wearing a ponytail because it keeps the hair out of their face. They also like to wear it like this because it’s less of a hassle then doing your hair. But if you constantly wear a ponytail, it will create pressure on the scalp making your hair weak and harder to grow out.