Things Guys Love

#10 Tell Him What You’re Thinking

He’d rather we opened up and told him what you’re thinking. It’s all well and good being old-fashioned and letting him make the first move but he might be waiting for you to. If you’re both waiting for each other it might be over before it even started. If you love him, tell him, don’t wait. He isn’t a mind reader, so don’t get mad if he doesn’t


#9 Wash His Car

So he’s your personal taxi as well as your boyfriend, if he’s taking you everywhere, thank him. You don’t want to turn up looking amazing in a dirty car and as it’s your traveling that has messed up his car, washing it is the least you can do. Think of it as you thanking him and looking more glam when you turn up at the party.


#8 Watch Sports With Him

So not all girls love sports but if your man does, pretend you do to. Sit and watch the game with him every so often. Even if you hate the game he will appreciate you sitting with him while he yells at the screen. Just be sure you’re supporting the same side, don’t cheer the wrong team on.That will not go down well!


#7 Cook For Him

Even if you know you can’t cook it’s the thought that counts. If you have tried to make his dinner but it has gone horribly wrong, show him and laugh, don’t dwell on it. If you have put all the effort in he will love you any way. Laugh together then sit with a take out. Just try to cook, toast will do, it shows them you care. If you’re making a big fancy dinner maybe test it out first…we don’t want to poison him do we.


#6 Order Pizza

Yes, most girls are watching their weight…don’t make him do it too. One night off eating pizza and cuddling on the sofa will do no harm. He will love how you’re doing little simple things for him, even if it is just a night off the salads. It shows that you want to do what he wants too and let’s face it pizza will always be better than healthy food!


#5 Play Games With Him

We all know our guys can spend hours and hours in front of the games consoles, especially when a new game comes out. Don’t let him date the game learn to play it with him. He will love the fact he is getting to spend time with the things he loves at the same time! Plus you will feel closer because you’re doing things together.


#4 Care About His Interests

So he likes football, soccer and sports in general or he might like science. It shouldn’t matter what he’s into, you should care about it. Ask him about it, show him you have an interest in it too, don’t just tell him you think it’s stupid and don’t care. Relationships work on shared interests so try share them.


#3 Make His Bed

If you have spent the night or just spent an hour there, if the bed is creased the fix it. You might think it’s pointless because you know he’s going to mess it up again as soon as it’s done but it shows you respect his things. As well as this it shows how you like things to look, so when/if you live together he’ll do his best to do it for you.


#2 Watch Movies You Hate

He’s probably sat through all your soppy chick flicks so you can sit through one or two of his action movies. You never know you might actually enjoy them and see a new one every week. You never know until you try. He will love to spend more time with you as well.


#1 Watch His TV Shows

So as well as watching his movies he probably has a list of TV shows as long as his arm. Try watching them with him too. You’d get to spend more time with him and you might discover a new love for criminal TV, meaning when you spend the night you can both enjoy the TV listings and you’re not too bored.