How to Be Stylish on a Budget

#9 Shop in Your Own Closet

Don’t count out the clothes and accessories you already own. Spend some time looking through your wardrobe and mixing pieces in a new way. You may even find a stylish top hidden in the back of your closet that you forgot you had!


#8 Host a Clothes Swap Party

Ask your friends if they’d be up for a clothes swap! Have you been eying that skirt of your friend’s? There’s a good chance she’s ready to let go of it because she’s worn it too often. This is a great way to not only clean out your closet and spend time with friends, but to give your wardrobe a cost-effective new look. If there are pieces that no one decides they want, just bring them over to your local thrift shop to let another girl give that old hoodie a new life.


#7 Outlet Shop

Want that brand name jacket, but don’t think you can afford it? Consider finding their outlet store! It’s pretty easy to find amazing deals on brand-name items that may be considered last season, but are actually the same design as those being sold today. Many outlet stores offer deal days, so check out their online site before


#6 Use Those Coupons

A lot of stores offer deals to those who sign up to receive their newsletters, which makes it easy to get up to 60% off of that item you’ve been eying. Set up a free e-mail account just for shopping in order to keep you organized and keep an eye out for some amazing sales!


#5 Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Accessories are a great way to keep up on the trends without spending a ton of money. Chains like Charming Charlie and Forever21 offer stylish, up-to-date jewelry to dress up that outfit for as low as $2 and thrift stores offer awesome options as well. Another way to turn that blah outfit into something fabulous is to add a scarf that features the latest trendy pattern.


#4  Spend Your Money Wisely

Don’t spend too much money on that neon blouse that will be out of style halfway through the year. Instead, spend the bulk of your clothing budget on items that will never go out of style, such as the perfect LBD and a


#3 Shop Major Chains

Stores like Walmart and Target are working with designers to create affordable lines of stylish clothing, as well as offering a large selection of basic tees, tanks, and other wardrobe essentials for as low as $3. Other great stores to check out are Marshalls and TJ Maxx. They offer designer pieces for sometimes a quarter the price of their retail value. Search for all the trendy pieces your outfit is missing here!


#2 Thrift Shopping

There’s no longer a stigma about shopping at thrift stores, thanks to Macklemore’s top hit, “Thrift Shop.” Thrift stores are great for finding key wardrobe pieces—such as pencil skirts, basic tees, and blazers—on the cheap. Try visiting thrift shops in affluent neighborhoods—you will find many upscale pieces for way cheaper than the original price.


#1 Be Stylish In your Own Way!

When you’re on a budget, it’s tough to budget enough for rent, much less looking your best. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to look chic! There are plenty of ways to keep your look up to date, without emptying your wallet!