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Dumbest Marriage Proposals

#6 Hot Air Balloon

So we have all seen the photos on the internet of those perfect proposals but could any of us really see ourselves in that situation. Imagine being thousands of meters above the ground in a big hot air balloon. In a tiny wicker basket with your other half and the guy who’s making the balloon fly, so not only are you high in the air you’re with a stranger and he’s going to ask you to marry him. What if you say no, then you’re stuck inches away from each other in what could be the most awkward moment in your life.


#5 On A Bridge

In photographs when the sun is setting over a lake and the silhouette of the bridge is the only thing in the photo that couldn’t look any better! But imagine if you were on that bridge with your other half, in the dark, maybe even the rain…I could think of a better way for him to pop to question. We all have those ‘what if’ scenarios. What if he asks you, you jump on him with so much excitement and the ring goes flying over the edge of the bridge, talk about moment killer!


#4 At A Wedding

You’ve both been invited to a wedding and in all the madness he pops the question, is it planned or has he just been bitten by the wedding bug? Being asked at a wedding throws more questions than us girls want. Does he mean it? Does he really want to? Far too many questions! We prefer just the one of ‘will you marry me?’ It doesn’t need to get complicated and you don’t want to steal the bride and grooms lime light do you.


#3 In A Cake

Of all the hiding places in the world he’s chosen to put it in a cake, whatever gave him that idea! Clearly the traditional down on one knee, ring in a box doesn’t happen anymore. By putting the ring in a cake it will get all messy and covered in filling, making it all sticky. No one wants that on their finger to show off. That’s if it even gets onto her finger, what if it gets lost in the cake or even worse she eats it! That will just totally ruin his plan. So beware, if you go out and he’s being cautious with the cake be careful!


#2 By The Sea

We cannot rely on the weather any more so as romantic and sweet a proposal by the sea sounds don’t pin your hopes on it. You are both standing there, he’s about to get down on one knee and a huge wave comes up to shore soaking you both! At least you’ll remember it and it’ll be a story to tell the grandchildren but unfortunately any after proposal photos won’t look too great, but we can’t have it all now can we. It won’t have totally ruined the moment but it will be a dampener.


#1 In A Drink

So he’s placed the ring in a nice glass of champagne but he hasn’t told you that it’s there. Oblivious to the ring in your glass you drink up, not realizing the diamond in the bottom. It’s safe to say that a ring isn’t going to go down as a=smoothly as the champagne. You swallow the ring, now chocking and his proposal has all gone wrong. Maybe he’ll have some apologizing to do before you say yes. Don’t stay mad though, he did try to make it special for you.