Dream or Die

Dream or Die "I have a dream" these words are probably amongst the most famous that anyone has spoken. This is a phrase that propelled the great Martin Luther towards his purpose. These are the words of his vow even to the point of death, this vow made him a valuable man even years after his death. Its a dream that makes a difference, such are people who dare to die so that their dream can forever live. If death is not an intimidation then destiny is the ultimate, many people live in the shadow of fear and put their potential in their grave waiting for their days to end while living a life of mediocre. A dead person is immune to everything that can stimulate life back into their body, such is to be a dreamer: you must be immune to every thing that stairs up elements that pull against your dream. The premise of a dream must be discussed with consideration that destiny is persuade in day light, purpose does not make problems disappear rather they are magnified, therefore we must be clear that the pursuit of purpose is a process and can never at any point be achieved instantly but requires patience and persistence. Clearly define what you see(dream) and develop how you'll get there (destiny). Its is easy to be caught in the day to day busyness without realizing you've lost direction. A small step towards a deliberate direction with birth a drastic destiny. The are three things that will make a dream a day light reality, 1. Establish it as your destiny, 2. Develop direction toward destiny(plan) and 3. Reduce the distance between your dream and destiny by taking a deliberate step toward the direction of destiny. Dreams never die, but destinies can be delay till the person dies. Do it, do it today!!!

Siphesihle AfrikaWisdom Shabalala
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