Caught in a cage made by myself.

Caught in a cage made by myself.

As I look out of my window, I can’t help feeling like a prisoner. A prisoner in my own home. A prisoner in my own body. A prisoner in my own mind. In this world, freedom is an illusion. People are led to believe they are free. Free to do what they want, free to live the way they want, free to think, free to voice their opinions. But, are we really? Can we ever feel completely free? With every action, every thought and every feeling defined by rules that were encrypted into our brains from the moment we open our eyes in this world. we are under constant judgement and scrutiny of ourselves and the society around us. How many of us really feel completely liberated at any given time of our lives? and what all can we feel free from?

There is so much suffering and hatred around us. What possession or what wealth can free us from the guilt that we feel? What can free us from our selfishness, from our greed, our lack of compassion towards ourselves, people like us and all the living things that exist around us?
None of us can ever call ourselves free. We are all prisoners in this world. We imprisoned ourselves.

It is believed by many, that it is a blessing to be born as a human being. It pains my heart to think otherwise, but according to me, human life is a curse. What is the point of possessing all the things that other living things do not when we use those possessions for self destruction, to cause suffering, to to destroy everything around us mindlessly.

We talk about intelligence, the greatest human power. What is intelligence? Competing with our fellow human beings to earn wealth? or is it obtaining a whole bunch of man made degrees (excelling in education)? What the hell is education? A person who goes through a government approved learning program, and at the end of it, is certified by the government as educated?

Everything that we consider important today is a joke! Made important by ourselves and wrongly so. We live in so much darkness, even when the world is flooded with light. There is no light in the world that can illuminate the darkness in our minds.

Why is it that, whatever we do, how much ever of it we do, how much ever we want to do it, we feel unsatisfied? The only explanation can be that we are not doing the right things with our lives. Not using what we have in the right way.

All these inventions and creations, what do we expect to keep doing with them? Keep destroying not only our planet but everything else in the universe? When is man’s quest going to end? What the hell is our ultimate goal in life? Some say, it is to make the universe, not only the world a better place for future generations. but do we really know what ‘better’ is? When is anything going to be good enough? We live our whole lives in the quest for better things. No one ever thinks about what is the best thing that anyone can ever have. The thing that they might trade any number of things, they might have, for?

Why is ‘Utopia’ considered such an illusive, impractical and unrealistic idea? Because we don’t believe we can ever be that civilized? And we gloat about how civilization was the best thing that ever happened to humanity. Who are classified as civilized human beings? The same people who make rules so they can justify the killing of people, exploitation and controlling every action of a human being?

Author - Anusha Rao
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